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My civil citizens of the galaxy I have a revealing revelation to which all truths shall be told In my youth I found faithful security in the fact that I lived in a nation that has stood movingly for the past millennia I wanted nothing more than to participate in the country's government I looked up to the stars and hoped to take part in a system near a distant star My dream inched closer when politicians and the Jedi the warriors of peace and justice that to everyone's mind are noble heroes negotiated on Naboo I thought I had a mind of my own but I didn't take mind of my own thoughts So influenced the mind can be filled with lies plagued by deception cleansed from reason My father was a politician however he never had the bravery to get too heavily involved That was one of the reasons why I despised him I found it to be my duty to accomplish what he never could I moved to Coruscant the capital that encompasses an entire planet and the fate of our nation And the rest is history history as the present I gave the republic my heart and my soul I lived by the law just as I lived near the Senate I strived to be the Yoda of politicians And that I did I became Supreme Chancellor out of the popular vote and the belief that the republic is built on the people Since the foundation of Coruscant the country has prospered under the government of the Jedi Senate with the Supreme Chancellor 

The warriors of peace and justice have stood alongside us since the foundation of the Old Republic They have died for us and guided us and helped us and saved us seemingly for our own benefit They led the way of the war against the Separatists Foolish we are we did not know the greatest enemy was hidden within us The warriors of peace and justice have deceived us all The Jedi did not want to end the Separatists the Jedi were the ones who created it the Jedi used the Separatists to wear down our country the Jedi hoped to tear down our nation the Jedi planned to seize full control of the government by assassinating the Supreme Chancellor Me a feeble old man with no way to defend myself My only interest was in the well being of the citizens And what did I get in return These warriors of peace and justice didn t send one not two but four Jedi Masters to make sure the deed was done When they entered my chamber I saw faces with no redemption no remorse no restraint eyes so full of hatred the darkest parts of humanity could be clearly seen as the moon on a clear night sky Time stood still for what seemed like ages years I thought my time serving this country had come to an abrupt end strike brought strike our patriotic and loyal forces arrived in time to end this mutiny They suppressed the other conspirators in the Jedi temple slaying them allowing none to come out alive It is time for the Jedi to End With all their comrades and allies as well If we do not act upon them they will act upon us The attempt on my life has left me scarred and deformed but I assure you my resolve has never been stronger Lucas George I know the war made hard times but that era has ended Today marks our independence from our corruption The battle between us and the separatists is over 

The war has ended and the Jedi are on the decline Our current government is gasping its last breath and almost dead Our constitution was made by the very same people that plague our land today if it’s as corrupt as its creators shouldn't we change it That is why from this day forward to secure our safety and continuation the republic will be transformed into our very own Galactic Empire The new empire the strongest government ever seen will stand until the end of time An empire ruled by one leader with no influence from magicians An empire ruled by the citizens A galaxy that puts the people first Democracy prompted destruction not resurrection made anarchy not prosperity we were under subordination but now we have domination We are the ripple that will stir the waters and restore justice stability and harmony to the galaxy We must progress by force no holding back All opposing opponents will join us or be trampled As we grow more systems and planets will join our cause One day our empire will stretch as far as the charted edges of this galaxy The new legislation has defeated the Jedi gone are the days of their deceptive rule Now we can start a new now we can live free as brothers now we can achieve endless glory now we can leave the past behind and put our minds ahead An eternity of happiness is coming into view just over the horizon

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