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My ideal career is a forensic pathologist A forensic pathologist also known as a medical examiner are physicians that examine bodies that have died suddenly violently or unexpectedly It involves you determining the cause and manner of death I became interested in wanting to become a forensic pathologist by watching crime shows like NCIS Law and Order and Criminal Minds I knew I wanted to do something in medicine but being a surgeon or oncologist you have your patient's life in your hands But being a forensic pathologist you don't have that pressure of saving their lives because all your patients are dead I wouldn’t be able to handle that pressure Skills that are important to a forensic pathologist is having good communication skills science skills analytical skills detail orientation a strong stomach and thick skin and a mind of a detective I believe I possess most of the skill but communication skill being what I don't possess I have always enjoyed science and math so I have done well in those classes But building my communication skills is something I must work on 

To become a forensic pathologist you first have to get a bachelor's degree and then a medical degree either D O or M D Then additional education and training is needed which includes four to fives years of training in anatomic clinical and forensic pathology and a one year residency in forensic pathology is required In total it would take about 11 18 years of schooling Some of the tops schools that offer the best forensic course is the University of Michigan University of Alabama Saint Louis University and Emory University I don t know where I want to go to college but I know I want to go somewhere on the East Coast Forensic schooling can cost up tp 20 000 each year To practice forensic pathology you need to acquire a physician's license board certification in forensic pathology Forensic pathology doesn t require the continuing of education There are 2 600 jobs to be expected to open in forensic pathology The job outlook to become a forensic pathologist has risen 17 is the past year The average salary is around 105k 500k The median hourly pay ranges from 108 to 150 This career requires a lot of overtime but I couldn t find if the job paid for overtime Being a forensic pathologist has a psychological Stress to it Watching the aftermath of crimes and deaths can have an emotional toll over time On a day to day basis you could witness crimes of assault abuse or murder 

This jobs require a strong stomach and you must be mentally and psychologically prepared everyday for what s to come Also dealing with grieving family members definitely can take a toll on you mentally This is a job that wouldn t give me a good work life balance but would bring me joy because I would be doing something I am passionate about A workday could last up to 10 to 12 hours or longer plus overtime Balancing work and life with being forensic pathologist would be difficult but it is something I would still like to do A typical day for a forensic pathologist is a 9 to 5 schedule and working 37 hours a week Most of their days are spent in labs running tests and examining bodies and the other part being gathering evidence for cases and writing lab reports and presenting them in court There will sometimes be work to take home for the evening and on weekends but that is only occasionally There is no traveling required for this career You get an average of two to three weeks of paid vacation as well as paid holidays and sick leave This job would put a small limit on my personal and social life because the amount of schooling required The intensive education that is required for this jobs means I have no social or personal life for maybe 11 18 years But after those years of schooling I might get my social and personal life back but it might be different To prepare for this career I can be taking more advanced science classes which is what I m doing right now 

And next year I will be taking both anatomy classes our school provides Also I would want to start shadowing someone in this field or just anything in the pathology field Also I have to practice my communication skills and try to be more out there with people One of my life goals is just to successful and to be happy in what I m doing and becoming a forensic pathologist would meet both those goals SOURCES http web2 airmail net uthman forensic_career html https www forensicscolleges com careers forensic pathologist http work chron com dangers forensic pathology 23701 html https study com articles Become_a_Forensic_Pathologist_Training_and_Career_Guide html https explorehealthcareers org career forensic science forensic pathologist https whsp wordpress com 2015 06 26 a day in the life of a forensic pathologist https www prospects ac uk job profiles forensic psychologist https careertrend com forensic science career salary 12421158 html https www bls gov ooh life physical and social science forensic science technicians htm

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