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Pope John Paul II is one of the most well known Popes

Pope John Paul II is one of the most well known Popes and man in history He did a lot of things in history He became one of the most respected men Pope John Paul II was a just a man from Poland He served as Pope for 25 years and 5 months He was born on May 18 1920 and died on April 2 2005 He surpassed all the obstacles he faced before becoming Pope This is what makes him a great leader that impacted history Though his early life was marked by great loss When his mother died at age nine and then his brother when he was twelve He was able to pass this on by doing activities such as skiing and swimming This caused Wojtyla interest in theater and poetry When he graduated from high school he and his father moved to Krakow Wojtyla would study literature and philosophy at Jagiellonian University In addition during this time The Nazi had taken control They had closed down colleges including where Wojtyla attended There 3 646 Polish priests were imprisoned in concentration camps of which 2 647 were killed and 1 117 nuns were imprisoned of whom 238 were executed Wojtyla continued to work for a job as a stonecutter in a quarry 

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