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Eileen Gray 9 August 1878 31 October 1976 was an Architect

Eileen Gray 9 August 1878 31 October 1976 was an Architect and furniture designer born near Enniscorthy Ireland Her parents were James McLaren Smith and Eveleen Pounden who in fact was the granddaughter of Francis Stuart 10th Earl of Moray however when her mother separated from her father she changed her and her sibling s surnames to Gray Her father was mostly the person who encouraged her artist behaviors and endeavors as he was a painter She spent most of her childhood basking in the privilege of wealth as she would mostly be spending equal amounts of time between family homes in Ireland and South Kensington London She was able to pursue her studies and so after she grew up she attended the Slade School of Fine Arts in London where she studied the art of painting She met lifelong friends there and after a while moved to paris with her most closest friends Jesse Gavin and Kathleen Bruce It was due to her father dying in 1900 Once there she continued her studies in Paris Académie Julian and Colarossi private art schools for both painting and sculpture Before that however she attended a fair that celebrated the world s achievements in the past century 

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