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Muslim women have been the subject of many a forums in the West

Muslim women have been the subject of many a forums in the West and even in Australia The perception of their treatment has mostly been negative as they are presumed to be oppressed by their religion The question What do you admire least about the Islamic or Muslim world was disproportionally answered with gender inequality in a 2005 Gallop Poll involving US households Herr 2010 The same view dots the Australian population with Muslim women having to live through a different social location relative to the majority within the Middle East and North Africa An anti oppressive framework would reveal the backward nature of oppression of Muslim women that the Australian populace exerts on this faction of society passively at personal cultural and systemic levels Personal Level of Oppression Down to a personal level as she was in the process of researching her PhD thesis on Muslim women fight sexism within Muslim communities Susan Carland faced a barrage of oppressive notions from Muslims and non Muslims alike The idea that she was investigating such an autonomous anti oppressive movement amongst Muslim women with impressive results against the systemic status quo championed by the Western media and ingrained in their population of a passive and oppressed Muslim woman her actions and that of the participants in her study were deemed as apostasy Others even humiliated her on account of female genital mutilation Carland 2017 Her study revealed the social identity of Muslim women across various forms of oppression and privilege The anti oppressive notion would be to accept the existence of an entirely unique status quo that does not mimic the Orientalist or condescending attitude towards Muslim women who have a voice for themselves 

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