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Distinguish between developed and developing Countries

First let us distinguish between developed and developing countries The importance of this is to emphasise who the biggest emitters are and where the biggest potential for reduction is Figure 1 Oxfam 2015 Lund 2017 Percentage of CO2 emissions by world population The figure above is illustrating that the poorest 50 of the world's population are responsible for 10 of consumption emission while the richest 10 of the population are responsible for 49 of consumption emissions This fact highlights that it is of great importance to focus on how individuals in developed countries can reduce their individual consumption emissions Moreover the poorest people have greater barriers to reduce the already relative low emission because of very different living conditions where it is often a struggle to get a meal on the table every day and the choice of eating vegan or not or taking the car or the bike is not an opportunity Another reason why it is most important to teach the richest people to cut down emissions is that the group of people that are expected to go from the status as developing to developed countries in the future are more likely to follow in the richest footsteps 

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