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As international system is Anarchic

As international system is anarchic it is important to maintain good relationships between states for sustainable peace and to prevent any conflict Following the outbreak of World War I and II which led to tremendous loss of lives and money states realizes the international cooperation as the best way to prevent wars and conflict Thus signing agreement and treaties came to an existence to enhance international cooperation With globalization state is now not the only actor to maintain peace and promote economic growth The responsibility also fall on non state actors such as non governmental organizations and private owned company With their existence the international cooperation sometimes bring great impact in economy to the state as well as to the non state actor itself 3 2 Theoretical Framework International cooperation exists when the involving parties are from different countries to pursue a common interest International cooperation becomes gradually important after the realization of states that cooperation between other parties can benefit more instead of working on itself Thus international agreement treaties and organizations are formed to ensure they are moving towards achieving the same goal or interest Previously nation states are the main actors in international cooperation as they need to maximize their self interest and power to protect themselves in the anarchic international system 

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