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Nestle is considered to be one of the best food and beverages companies not only in Pakistan but throughout the world The people working in the organization are concerned about developing the high standards in the market Their primary focus is to make sure that their products are best to use The main focus of this project is to study the marketing mix of Nestle Nescafe and different marketing strategies We went to Nestle Head Office in Upper Mall Lahore We had a detailed meeting with Media Manager Hassan Ali Syed about their organization and specifically Nestle Nescafe Our discussion carried on to discuss all the main aspects of this report like marketing mix BCG Matrix Product life cycle and SWOT analysis We have chosen this company because of its huge reputation This report will consist of the basic introduction of Nestle along with covering the main aspects while concluding with the recommendations after our analysis 1 Introduction Nestle is the king in food and beverage industry with extensive variety of items which go from toddlers to adulthood from breakfast to supper at home and everywhere else They have more than 16 different brands running in Pakistan 

They shows the sense of duty regarding quality taste and nutrition over every one of their items to touch lives emphatically and gain clients trust Nestle started operations in Pakistan back in 1998 by acquiring a dairy company MILK PACK LTD As Pakistan is the world's 5th largest company for producing milk therefore Nestle captured their interest mainly in dairy products They also sell juices chocolates pure water noodles baby food breakfast cereals and Nescafe coffee Nestle is also considered to be the market leader of juices after milk Although some of the products of Nestle like Maggie noodles are not much profitable but are the trademark of their brand image When Nestle was introduced in Pakistan people were not much aware of this brand so Nestle ran a very huge marketing campaign to aware the people about their brand It has differentiated themselves on the basis of their high quality products and mark their identity as a very caring health and nutrition company while targeting the health conscious people The manufacturing plants of Nestlé are functioning in Karachi Lahore Islamabad and Kabirwala The manufacturing plant of Kabirwala is considered to be the world largest Nestle milk processing unit In the start of the year 1992 Nestle in Pakistan came up with a new product that included the Everyday Milk Powder under the packaging of GLORIA Nestle didn t stop caring for the public demand and with the passage of little time also introduced Neslac and Milo By the end of 1995 Nestle introduced the Nescafe imported coffee in local packaging In 1996 Nestle stepped into the business of juices as Nestle pure orange juice was introduced and captured a good market in a very short period of time 1 1

 History Nestle Company was founded in 1866 by Henri in Vevey Switzerland the company then started working globally It has over 280 000 employees 487 factories which are spread over the world running sales operations all over the world More than 150 years the company is following the principles of honesty fairness and long term approach which make them to be able to stand in one of the most competitive markets in the world The Nestle main moto has always been expanding globally while dealing and interacting with the people locally In the 1860s Henri Nestle a pharmacist introduced baby food who are unable to breastfeed This resulted to be a market success as people recognized the value of the new product In 1905 Nestle merged with Anglo Swiss which was a milk company By early 1900 s the company was functioning in America United Kingdom and Germany The World War 1 resulted in the increased demand of dairy products therefore this helped the Nestle to double their milk production The end of World War 2 was the start of a new phase of Nestle as they acquired some huge companies In 1947 they merged with Maggi seasoning and soups They merged with Crosse and Blackwell in 1960 following Findus in 1963 Libby s in 1971 and Stouffer s in 1973 1990 s proved to be more successful for the Nestle as the barriers to trade were crushed They also acquired San Pellegrino in 1997 Spillers Pet foods in 1998 and Ralston Purina in 2002 The two major acquisitions of Nestle were in North America where they merged with U S ice cream business and Chef America Inc Nestle is offering its wide range of products in Europe Africa South and North America Asia and Australia 

All of these zones work locally in order to focus on the individual demands of the people Nestle also came into contract with McDonalds throughout the world to supply the dairy products that includes the milk shakes and coffee s Top of all the most eminent project that was carried out by Nestle was pure water that comprised of new technology treatment plants and the recyclable bottling techniques 1 2 Vision To bring consumers foods that are safe of high quality and provide optimal nutrition to meet physiological needs In addition to Nutrition Health and Wellness Nestle products bring consumers the vital ingredients of taste and pleasure 1 3 Mission Make better food so that people live a better life 1 4 Objective Nestlé s objective is to make its leading position smooth and firm in this highly competitive market in order to achieve the needs and desires of their valuable customers around the globe for pleasure ease and healthy life

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