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Net Framework is the first step to enter the NET world The meant of the framework is to create applications which would run on the Windows Platform The Net framework is a software development platform which was developed by Microsoft in the year 2000 when its first version was launched The common language runtime which is most commonly abbreviated as CLR is the foundation of the NET Framework The NET Framework is a technology that carries building and running the Apps of next generation and XML Web services Sometimes the NET framework is also referred as Microsoft's Net Framework The NET framework has come a long way since its launching and the current version has evolved up to 4 6 1 Here we are going to give you some latest features of NET Framework 1 Profile optimization If you want to bring down this startup time then NET 4 5 has a feature which is usually called as profile optimization A profile is none but it is a simple file that contains a list of methods by which we get the information that which of the application will need during startup 

So this is we have achieved an improved startup performance 2 Soft Keyboard Support The previous versions of NET were not capable to employ focus tracking without disabling WPF pen touch gesture support Those versions were forced to choose between full WPF touch support or Windows mouse promotion but in the latest version of Microsoft s NET which is NET 4 6 2 there is a Soft keyboard support that allows the use of the touch keyboard in WPF applications without disabling WPF stylus touch support on Windows 10 3 Encrypted Improvement This is the database engine which is particularly designed to protect sensitive data such as credit card numbers and others The NET Framework for Structured Query Language which is most commonly abbreviated as SQL is the server which contains two important improvements for encrypted centered around performance and security as such performance and security 4 Debugging APIs One of the main benefits of the Common Routine Language is that if the developer prefers null reference exceptions which will now provide much more extensive debugging data than the previous versions of NET The unmanaged debugging APIs can request more information and perform additional analysis Except this a debugger can also determine that which of the variable in a single line of source code is null and making your job a lot easier as well 5 Support for NET Standard 2 0 NET Standard defines a set of APIs which is available on each NET implementation which supports the standard version 2 0 The NET Framework 4 7 1 fully supports NET Standard 2 0 and adds about 200 APIs that are defined in NET Standard 2 0 and are missing from the NET Framework 4 6 1 4 6 2 and 4 7 Obviously there are a lot of other improvements in NET Core 2 0 The NET Standard 2 0 really is a game changer 6 NET Class Library The latest version of NET comes with thousands of classes to perform all important and not so important operations Its library is completely object oriented which provides you around 5000 classes to perform just about everything The NET Framework includes a set of standard class libraries A class library is a collection of methods and functions which can be used for the core purpose 7 Run time characteristic description 

The runtime feature in the latest NET provides a mechanism for determining a predefined feature is supported on a given NET implementation at compile time or runtime A compiler can check whether a specified field exists to determine whether the feature is supported at the compile time or not 8 Cryptography In order to carry the larger key sizes of FIPS 186 3 the NET Framework 4 6 2 allows computing signatures with the SHA 2 group of hash algorithms FIPS 186 3 support is provided by the new System 9 Installation The NET Framework comes with Windows which enables you to run NET Framework applications Also you may need a later version of the NET Framework that comes with your Windows version 10 NET Native It is the one the specific technology for building and deploying Windows Store apps It gathers apps that are written in managed code and that target the NET Framework to native code Also the Net Native tool chain converts source code to native code at compile time while Just In Time JIT is responsible for compiling the IL code to native code machine specific code Conclusion The NET framework is designed particularly to run on devices with limited resources such as mobile devices The NET Compact Framework which is a subset of the full NET Framework supports about 30 percent of the namespaces and classes of the full NET Framework and is about 8 percent of its size The NET compact framework uses scaled down libraries from NET that are geared toward the capabilities of mobile devices The Common Language Runtime CLR is the environment where all programs in NET are run It provides various services like memory management and thread management There are various versions of NET has been driven since its launching though but the latest version of NET is 4 6 2 which has some advanced features than the others

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