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A Balance Sheet also known as the Statement

Tesco financial statements balance sheet profit and loss account and cash flow statement A balance sheet also known as the statement of financial statement can be defined as a financial photograph of an organization at a precise time Barton and Simko 2002 At a specific moment it gives the summary of the assets which are economic resources that can be tangible or intangible own or control by a company to bring benefit in the future These assets can be bought or create in order the firm value can be increased the liabilities are obligations or financial debt of a company such as accounts payable loans mortgages accrued expenses etc and shareholders equity of a firm or a company This is just the measures of the net worth of a company It can be obtained by deducting the total company liabilities from the company total assets It helps to know the company s health These three components are the indicators for investors to understand what the company owes and owns and have an idea of shareholders amount invested The Tesco group balance sheet as at 25 February 2017 27 February 2016 25 February 2017 m 27 February 2016 m Non current assets Goodwill software other intangible assets Property plant equipment Investment property Investment in joint ventures associates Other investments Trade other receivables Loans advances to customers Derivative financial instruments Deferred tax assets Total non current assets 2 717 18 108 64 739 823 180 5 795 1 303 707 30 436 2 874 17 900 78 785 1 078 201 4 723 1 532 49 29 220 Current assets Other investments Inventories

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The assignment is Objected to Studying the Mental Health Nursing

Introduction The assignment is objected to studying the mental health nursing in different cultures the legal and ethical requirement of the profession the importance and the barriers they face while interacting with mental health people and how communication helps to empower and treat them Hurley et al 2014 Mental health nursing in different cultures and different groups In the most medical conditions there is an expectation that irrespective of what nation or culture the person pretentious was living in the practice of illness would be very alike and that there would be shared consent for example about who was feeling measles and who was in pain from asthma Stevens et al 2013 Social dissimilarities disturb facets of behaviour major for creation a diagnosis Behaving in a showy and demonstrative fashion could be considered as an indication of mania Likewise engaging in a lengthy period of grief subsequent a close bereavement could be understood as sorrow that has fallen over into clinical depression Mårtensson et al 2014 The additional point is that there are apprehensions that as emerging countries lack the mental health infrastructure of developed countries there are numerous individuals who are not getting suitable treatment or who might be treated with unkindness or being forced into victimization of misbehaving and isolation as well Videbeck 2013 Legal and ethical requirements to mental health nursing Hurley et al 2014 opinions out that an ethical dilemma happens when there is a mass of alternative sequences of the act to tackle with a specific condition

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