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The Impacts of Social Media

The impacts of social media Social media has become increasingly provocative in Australia because of its popularity to young Australians This essay will show that the effects of the social media are beneficial to young Australians It will show this by examining the concern of relationship cyber bullying and mental illness on young Australians It will also show that the benefits of popularity of social media far outweigh the challenges Firstly social media is beneficial to the relationships of young Australians to other people Because social media is the easiest way to interact with other people it improves relationship with buddies and boost companionships Bourgeois Bower Carroll 2014 p 171 It also helps on having a closer bond between companions and acquaintances by sharing difficulties with each other In addition relationships can be benefits to young people who transfer from one place to another and want to retain attachment and gain new acquaintances simultaneously Collin Rahilly Richardson Third 2011 p 17 Further Subrahmanyam Greenfield 2008 claims that social media ensure a contented connection for those young ones that are not at ease on having groups in person This indicates that social media creates a long lasting and steady relationship for young people However social media has become increasingly controversial because of the issues of cyber bullying amongst young Australians For instance Pangrazio 2013 p 45 reports says young people are the ones who are being affected with this online bullying

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College is worth the Time and Money

No one wants to finish high school to work at an underpaid and non beneficial job College graduates get satisfaction within job payments and spectacular benefits that most people desire College is worth the time and money and is useful in all aspects of life College benefits a person by providing opportunities job security and various financial benefits Graduating from college can help graduates with getting and keeping a reasonable well paying job Correspondingly college also helps prepare for jobs after graduation College allows graduates to choose what they want to do through majors They can earn more from graduating college than they would if they did not go to college College graduates have more opportunities and are more flexible for jobs College increases thinking skills and discipline two traits that employers are interested in Beckstead 8 College degrees open up career options and employers seek people with college degrees Beckstead 8 College gives opportunities to make connections and socialize College provides the opportunity to meet people from various activities clubs and other gatherings College can develop good writing and communication skills College also helps with decision making later in life College helps with better equipping people to do their job efficiently and fit well in the environment Additionally college prepares them to fit well in a job environment by assigning deadlines or group projects Sharp thinking skills will be developed in college College can improve time management skills through deadlines and assignments New skills and more knowledge will be picked up all through college Better speaking and presentation skills can be picked up from college College can help build good responsibility and working habits Hansen 14 College classes activities and group assignments are good places to cultivate team skills and build research and organization skills Hansen 14 College is a good way to network and socialize to find people that also have similar interests

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