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Code switching is a conventional method of Communication

Code switching is a conventional method of communication in any bilingual or multilingual community Myers Scotton 1993 p 39 Residing in a multiracial country like Malaysia where more than one language is practiced within the community has become a natural and common phenomenon It is not surprising to find a Malaysian with different ethnic background capable of communicating in at least two languages besides being proficient in other dialects as well The two languages referred in this context are Bahasa Malaysia and Engish Bahasa Malaysia over the years has established itself as the national language and is now being used as the medium of instruction up till tertiary education The term code refers to a language or a variety of a language Wardhaugh 1992 Humaira 2012 refers code switching as the widespread phenomena in bilingual communities where speakers use their native language L1 and their second language L2 in different domains 

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