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Something you want to do and protect yourself from Dangers

Something you want to do and protect yourself from dangers isn't something easy you can do But it can be easy if you want to do it unlawful if people want to call it that Being allowed to carry a firearm at the age of 18 through 21 they shouldn't be able to protect their own safety reasons and people have a right to defend themselves United states such as the citizens there are numbers of way that a criminal can grab a gun legally or illegally Being an honest citizen will go through the legal process 2nd amendment will only make people use the government as a key power and try to enforce that rule in many way And saying that they have their own rights and their safety this law should not be removed or broken at any time which I Currently agree because carrying a firearm at the age of 21 is quite a while Despite the shootings and killings that has been going around the united states and young teens getting a hold of a firearm is a big concern But at the end of the day how would you know your in safety you cannot be 100 or for sure A Citizen that just wants to protect himself herself will want to defend themselves for various reason Imagine if that's no longer an option and more and more people will try to get Firearms illegally and the criminals rates will just go high and high and will just increase and criminals will see that people will be defenseless and they will try to attack in any possible way People even think this guarantee was wrote down with no Constraints

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