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Abstract Every man is born to be a Leader

Abstract Every man is born to be a leader however it has been proven that man cannot handle a role of power correctly A psychologist came up with the idea of putting college student in a facility in where each one of them were given different roles to play Somewhere given the role of a prisoner and others the role of a security guard Things were all fun and games until it got out of control The men in the Stanford facility were beginning to truly believe that they were exactly the roles that they were given The question is is it the power they can t handle or their psychological mindset There was a set of physiological variables that proved to have made ordinary people do things they wouldn't do before For example the security guards were given mirrored sunglasses to wear Which reflected as a mask When one has a way to mask their identity it gives them the ability to behave differently than what they would without the mask on The prisoners and guards were being dehumanized The powers of the situation transformed people The Human Experiment 

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