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New Testament 20 Dec 2017 In the Exodus 3 13 14 God tells Moses to go to Egypt and tell the pharaoh and His people He is calling them out of Egypt Moses asks God what to say to the Israelites if they ask who sent him God tells Moses to tell them I AM sends him The New Testament book of John has several places where God is mentioned as an I AM The I AM statements describe God and several are metaphors In John 6 20 the disciples are in a boat without Jesus He walks on the water to their boat even though the wind and waves are fierce When His followers see Him they are afraid Jesus calms them and tells them It is I don t be afraid New International Version Jn 6 20 His message here is we do not need to be alarmed when God is with us God sent Jesus Himself to calm his followers when they were in distress just as Moses was sent to his people to deliver them from tyranny John 8 24 28 and 58 speak about Christ being the Messiah He takes away our sins but if we do not believe He is the Christ we will go to Hell What He teaches about Himself is not doctrine He thought of but God taught Him the teaching Verse fifty eight mentions Abraham and the fact that before Abraham was born I am New International Version Jn 8 58 When John speaks about Jesus being in existence before Abraham he is talking about Christ being eternal English Standard Version Jn 8 58 footnotes He is alive when the Israelites are slaves 

He is alive in the New Testament and He is living forever In John 18 5 He is arrested before He is crucified Jesus asks those arresting Him who they want and they say Jesus of Nazareth He says I am he and in verse six John says the arresters collapsed New International Version Jn 18 5 God s name is so powerful no one can oppose it He is omnipotent and controls everything God controlled Jesus crucifixion just as He was in power over the Israelites captivity and escape John 6 35 48 and 51 are a metaphorical statement Jesus speaks about Himself as the Bread of Life He means if we believe in Him He gives us eternal life and we will never have to look for spiritual nourishment aside from Him and His Word When God sent Moses to his people to tell them they were going to leave Egypt His Word kept them alive during their trial just as God s Word sustains us now John 8 12 and John 9 5 talk about Christ as the Light of Life and the Light of the World Jesus gave us a way to eternity other than Hell and His salvation lights the way In Exodus God showed the Israelites a way out of captivity and He lit the way at night with fire English Standard Version Jn 8 12 footnotes John 10 7 9 describe Jesus as the gate for the sheep the only way for the sheep to get into the pasture 

He provides the only way to eternal life just as Moses was the only way to get out of Egypt English Standard Version Jn 10 7 footnotes John 10 11 14 speaks of Jesus as the good shepherd New International Version Jn 10 11 He cares for His children and makes sure they are not harmed Christ died for us so we could be saved from a worse fate Hell Moses was sent to the Israelites to tell them there was a way out of their doom in Egypt In John 11 25 He is the resurrection and the life New International Version Jn 11 25 If we are Christians our lives on earth are over but our spiritual lives continue forever in communion with God English Standard Version Jn 11 25 footnotes The Israelites life in slavery was over but they continued to live in the wilderness and in Canaan the promised land just as heaven is a Christian s promised land John 14 6 speaks of Christ as the way and the truth and the life New International Version Jn 14 6 He is the only way to eternal life not any other teaching and we are God s dwelling place English Standard Version Jn 14 6 As Christ is the only way to salvation and eternal life so Moses was the only way out of slavery to the promised land John 15 1 talks about Jesus Christ as the vine and God as the caretaker We follow Him and God takes care of us When we obey Him God loves and cares for us just as Moses took care of the Israelites on their long journey to Canaan The I AM statements mean that I should follow Christ with all my heart and only Him He is the only way to heaven and He gives me spiritual nourishment He takes care of me and loves me so I should reciprocate those feelings by obeying and serving Him Works Cited Holy Bible New International Version Zondervan 2011 Sproul R C The Reformation Study Bible English Standard Version Ligonier Ministries 2005

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