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Thomas Jefferson - the third President of the United States

On February 17 1801 Thomas Jefferson was elected as the third President of the United States The United States and other major countries had been paying tributes to Tripoli Algeria Tunis and Morocco so that they may sail their ships without being captured and held hostage Before his presidency Jefferson was an American Peace Commissioner He was supposed to negotiate treaties with Europe and the Mediterranean In doing this he learned that Europe paid tributes to the Barbary countries in exchange for peace After having an American ship taken by Moroccan corsairs also known as pirates Jefferson wrote to John Adams stating that Our trade to Portugal Spain and the Mediterranean is annihilated unless we do something decisive Tribute or war is the usual alternative of these pirates If we yield the former it will require sums which our people will feel Why not begin a navy then and decide on war We cannot begin in a better cause nor against a weaker foe This plan to go to war in his mind was cheaper and more likely to be effective John Adams believed it was easier and cheaper to pay the tribute In 1786 Congress sent Thomas Barclay to negotiate the treaty with Morocco and it was successful

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Breaking Night by Liz Murray Book Review

January 2018 Breaking Night by Liz Murray Book Review is this book review supposed to be in present or past tense Liz Murray s harrowing tale shows the transition from sleeping on subways and doorsteps to an Ivy League school dormitory Murray grows up in the Bronx to loving but profoundly drug addicted parents who are unable to provide a stable life for Murray and her older sister Lisa She is forced to deal with truancy negligence sexual harassment loneliness hunger homelessness and her parents drug problems at a young age While Lisa maintains a nearly militant concentration on school Murray grows undisciplined stealing from supermarkets and gas stations for food The family completely fractures when Ma decides to split from Daddy and is eventually diagnosed with AIDS Lisa moves in with Ma and her abusive new boyfriend while Murray is placed in a girls home when Daddy signs away his parental rights to her Murray is eventually released into her mother s care but chooses instead to live on the streets with an increasingly unstable and manipulative boyfriend making her homeless at the age of fifteen When her mother dies of AIDS Murray is motivated to return to school and seek stability in life As she approaches graduation she applies to Harvard and a New York Times Scholarship both of which she attains Murray s childhood is a continuous struggle to sustain stability between survival resilience of human spirit and keeping her parents safe Murray does not blame her parents for the hurt that they inflict on her Murray writes that drugs are the wrecking ball that ruins her family and left her and Lisa lacking their basic needs This prompts numerous misfortunes including

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