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User Generated Content UGC has affected the sourcing of television News

Significance of the Study The concern raised in this study has attracted the attention of researchers For instance Wardle 2009 quantitatively studied User Generated Content and Television News Creation The objective was to examine the extent to which User Generated Content UGC has affected the sourcing of television news material and consumption The interest of the researcher was purely to establish the rise or otherwise of how mainstream television reporters have utilized UGC materials in news production Also the Pew Research Centre 2013 carried out a study on Social Media News Access by American Mainstream Journalists also a quantitative study the researcher targeted mainstream journalists chosen from both the print and electronic media with the main objective of ascertaining their level of access and reliance on the social media for news materials and news ideas Both studies dwelt on the frequency with which journalists have used online platforms for news sourcing The studies did not touch on the perception journalists hold concerning the ethical issues involved in the use of online materials for the production of mainstream news contents Following the gaps identified in the studies mentioned above this study will be beneficial in diverse ways being that it dwells on the interpretive project of unearthing the perception held by journalists following the increasing practice of online news sourcing to the industry this study will determine how mainstream journalism will retain its quality in spite of the challenges online news sourcing had posed before it 

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