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The patient I picked for this assignment is Mxr Raja of the age 47

The patient I picked for this assignment is Mxr Raja of the age 47 He came to Singapore in 2015 from Bangladesh and is currently a Singaporean Citizen He is also working as a businessman and his religion is Hindu He came to Tan Tock Seng Hospital and complained of chest pains and shortness of breath After some investigations his doctor Mr Ong diagnosed him with Cardiovascular disease CAD The social factor that I believe contributed to his diagnosis is his ethnicity He is an Indian Tamil According to the Cadi Coronary Artery Disease in Asian Indians Research Foundation it is profoundly far fetched that Indians put on double the weight as Chinese smoke twice the same number of more cigarettes and ate twice as significantly more fat This information shows that changes in way of life identified with abundance urbanization and inactive living are amplified in Indians contrasted with others because of hereditarily acquired hazard factors Indians have more elevated amounts of rising danger factors like homocysteine plasminogen activator inhibitor and particularly lipoprotein Middle Lp a levels are fundamentally higher in Asian Indians 12 mg dl contrasted with Chinese 10 mg dl and Malays 8 mg dl The Indians diet plays a huge role in contributing to cardiovascular disease India is experiencing quick healthful change bringing about abundance utilization of calories saturated fats trans fats simple sugars salt and low admission of fiber Such dietary change and an inactive way of lifestyle have prompted an expansion in corpulence diabetes metabolic disorder and cardiovascular illness CVD When 

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