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Proposed work Develops the security Level in Wireless Sensor Network

Abstract Our proposed work develops the security level in wireless sensor network for multicast communication by using Elliptic Curve Integration Encrypted Schema ECIES Firstly a wireless sensor network is constructed by initiator We focus to prolong the network lifetime of created Wireless Sensor Network The dynamically moving sensor nodes are grouped to form a multicast group and perform multicast communication An initiator creates the group and distributes the group key using proposed Elliptic Curve Integration Encrypted Schema ECIES Initiator encodes the EC point generates authentication code and uses digital signature for security On verification of responder secure is completed between initiator and responder We plot the graph for Packet Delivery Ratio Cost and Overhead of nodes 1 Introduction Wireless sensor networks WSN sometimes called wireless sensor and actuator networks WSAN are spatially distributed autonomous sensor to monitor physical or environmental conditions such as temperature sound pressure etc and to cooperatively pass their data through the network to other locations The more modern networks are bi directional also enabling control of sensor activity The development of wireless sensor networks was motivated by military applications such as battlefield surveillance today such networks are used in many industrial and consumer applications such as industrial process monitoring and control machine health monitoring and so on Routing protocols for wireless sensor networks are used to transmit messages from sources to destinations They can be classified as unicast broadcast and multicast Unicast is used to send a message from one source to one destination i e One to One Broadcast is used to send a message from one source to all possible destinations i e One to All Multicast is used to send a message from one source to multiple destinations stating an interest in receiving the traffic i e One to Many Use of multicast is of great interest it is used to send the same report to several sinks Multicasting is introduced to reduce bandwidth consumption in the network for various applications which include data replication assignment of tasks and sending of commands to a specific group of sensors queries to multiple sensors etc In a sensor network there are many tiny nodes called the sensors which are deployed for the purposes to sense data and then to transmit the data to the nearby base station Sensor networks are mainly classified into two categories distributed and hierarchical In a hierarchical wireless sensor network HWSN there is a hierarchy among the nodes based on their capabilities base stations cluster heads and sensor nodes Sensor nodes are inexpensive limited capability and generic wireless devices

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