Essay Example on Noah and Allie Love story. The Notebook movie review.

In the film The Notebook we can analyze love styles. This love story is about a young country male who meets a young woman that is wealthy and controlled by her parents. She is in town during summer vacation. They both fall in love but their circumstances separate them. This couple is a great example of relationship development they go through most of the interpersonal stages. In the following paragraphs, I will discuss Noah and Allies love style. At the beginning of the film, Noah was informed about Allie's style of life because his best friend knew her. He was extremely attractive to her and wanted to go on a date with her. They were able to get to know each other through mutual friends they accompanied their friends to a movie date and were able to spend time together. The attraction that Noah felt for Allie was different from what she felt. He believed she was extremely beautiful and seemed adventurous. On the contrary Allie fell for Noah's personality. In my point of view Noah and Allie went through an interpersonal relationship stage. In the investigate stage Noah was able to know about Allies' busy life which was her education art and piano classes, and Allie knew about Noah's job at the lumber yard.
They absolutely had different lifestyles, but that was not an obstacle for both. According to the book a relationship development does not happen quickly however in the film Noah and Allie spend a lot time together and experienced intimacy after their movie date. In their intimacy stage, they hold hands kissed and hugged. They both had arguments like any other couple but they would just get over it. Their relationship was getting serious Allie met Noah's father who had a great relationship with her. However, Allie's parents did not seem interested in Noah. They believed Noah was not enough for their daughter simply because he was not wealthy. They were both thinking about their future he wanted to please Allie with all the details she wanted in their house. Their relationship was steps away from getting into the commitment stage Noah and Allie were inseparable until a night where their relationship came to an end. Noah and Allie experienced a relational deterioration due to an external event Pearson 2017. Allies' parents asked her to end her relationship with Noah. She had no choice Noah knew that Allie was leaving for college and her parents did not like him. They did not want to end their relationship but the circumstances pushed them apart. Not only they experienced a relational deterioration but also a dialectic of stability change. Noah knew it was impossible to visit or move to the city where Allie was going to college. Allie moved to New York while Noah wrote to her and joined the army. Their relationship was damaged they ended their relationship with hurtful things being said and broken promises.

 Relational Dialectics Theory. They were not able to establish relational maintenance which allows a couple to work out their relationship Pearson 2017. Throughout the time they were separated they were both in a relationship but in a different love style. Allie met a young man during the time she served as a nurse aid she did not seem interested at first but go the chance meet him Allie and Lon Hammond experienced asymmetrical relationships they both were extremely wealthy and had a couple of similar likes. Allies' parents were fascinated with Lon Hammond they believe he was the perfect husband. They were both physically attractive and loved each other but Allie still had Noah in her mind Noah was not in a serious relationship as Allie, he was seeing a lady named Martha but he did not love her. During Allie's wedding preparation she saw a picture of Noah on the newspaper and went to see him. Their reunion was unexpectedly Noah had hope in seeing Allie and was speechless when seeing her. We can say they were catching up like old friends Allie tells Noah how Lon Hammond is a great guy and her parents love him. They talked about their past and how they changed throughout the years.

 During the time they spent time together, Allie asked Noah why she never wrote to him or tried to keep their relationship alive. He tells Allie about all the letters he wrote to her but never got a reply. This is when their relationship repair begins a process where hurtful things have been said but are left behind to work things out.

Relational Dialectics Theory. They began their intimacy stage again by forgetting about Allie's engagement and having memorable moments Noah makes Allie feel like home but their happiness gets interrupted. Allies' mother shows up to their place and takes her for a ride. Just like Allie her mother had an interpersonal relationship with a man that was not wealthy but was not able to stay with him. Allie went through similar events that her mother experienced, but Allie's relationship was able to repair. Allie goes back to her fiancé and tells him about Noah which was her hidden area. We can say it is a hidden area because Allie never shared her love story with Lon. She explains to him how she loves him but feels like Noah and she have a stronger connection. Allie and Lon Hammond conservation could have been an argument but he was calm and let her decide between Noah or him. It was the correct choice to make simply because Allie and Lon Hammond could have experienced a dialectic of integration separation later in their relationship. Therefore Allie and Noah got back together to accomplish their commitment stage They got married and had a beautiful family. This relationship started off great, had obstacles but was able to keep their relationship stable. Throughout the film we can conclude that Allie and Noah had a different lifestyle She was controlled by her parents However she was not a young woman that did not let social and economic status get in between her relationship with Noah They spent as much time together during the investigate and intimacy stages Their relationship went through dialectics of stability change and relationship deterioration but were able to repair their relationship after being apart for seven years. This film is a good example of stories that can happen to anyone. There are situations where wealthy parents want their children to marry someone who is wealthy. There are also cases when a couple goes through a relationship deterioration but has the opportunity to fix their problems.

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