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Noam Chomsky is a US activist and political theorist and institute professor of linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT Besides his expertise in linguistics Chomsky is one of the most recognized intellectual internationally while critically engaging in public regarding the American foreign policy and its desire to establish geopolitical hegemony and spreading the neoliberal turn of global capitalism I will therefore try to express his academic background and followingly his take on the modern imperialism and United States military inventions as well as the nation state critique Over the past decades Chomsky has taken a critical stand of US foreign policy and its many military interventions across the world pointing out that the United States support for failed and undemocratic regimes and hostility against minor movements Apart from his point of view about the US policies I will try to express his ideologies of Anarchism Anarcho Syndicalism Anti Vietnam War Movement and his contributions and point of view Noam Chomsky Childhood and Education Childhood 1928 1945 Avram Noam Chomsky was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania on December 7 1928 

His father William Zev Chomsky was an Ashkenazi Jew originally from Europe Ukraine who migrated to the United States in 1913 His father William studied at Johns Hopkins University and became school principal of the Congregation Mikveh Israel religious school after he graduated After his duty as a principal he was appointed to the faculty at Gratz College in Philadelphia in 1924 Elsie Simonofsky Chomsky s mother was born in Belarus she was an activist and a teacher and met William Chomsky s father while working as a principal at Mikveh Israel Religious School Noam was the Chomsky family s first child He has a brother David Eli Chomsky was born five years older than Noam Chomsky The brothers were close although David was more easygoing while Noam could be very competitive 1 Chomsky and his brother were both raised Jewish he was taught Hebrew and discussing the political theories of Zionism regularly The family was quite influenced by the Left Zionist writings of Ahad Ha am 2 Barsky claims that as a Jew Chomsky faced anti semitism as a child particularly from the Irish and German communities living in Philadelphia Chomsky described his parents as ordinary Roosevelt Democrats who had a center left position on the political sense however he was interested to far left politics through other members of the family who were socialist

He was substantially influenced by his uncle who owned a newspaper stand in New York City where Jewish leftists came to discuss and debate the issues of the day 3 Barsky talks about how Chomsky frequently visited his uncle's shop and spent time in left wing and anarchist bookstores in the city reading political literature He later described his discovery of anarchism as a lucky accident because it allowed him to become critical of other far left ideologies namely Stalinism and other forms of Marxism Leninism 4 Chomsky s primary education was at Oak Lane Country Day School an independent Deweyite institution that emphasized social interaction and group learning over individual education and became dominant influence on American education When he was 10 he wrote his first article on the spread of fascism following the fall of Barcelona and Francisco Franco's fascist regime in the Spanish Civil War At the age of 12 Chomsky started his secondary education at Central High School From the age of 13 he focused on anarchist politics University 1945 55 Chomsky started his university study in 1945 in University of Pennsylvania 

He developed an interest about exploring philosophy logic and languages and a primary interest in learning Arabic He was living at home while he funded his undergraduate degree by teaching Hebrew to others However he was quite frustrated with his experiences at the university and considered dropping out and moving to a kibbutz shared resident districts in Mandatory Palestine His intellectual curiosity was increased through conversations with the Russian linguist Zellig Harris whom he first met in 1947 Harris introduced Chomsky to the field of theoretical linguistics and convinced him to major in the subject 5 Chomsky s bachelor degree thesis was titled Morphophonemics of Modern Hebrew Chomsky again focused on the previous thesis topic and eventually received his masters degree which he received at University of Pennsylvania in 1951 He published this master's degree as his first book He also developed his interest towards philosophy in university with his teacher Nelson Goodman From 1951 to 1955 Chomsky was named to the Society of Fellows at Harvard University where he completed his doctoral dissertation In 1952 Chomsky published his first academic article Systems of Syntactic Analysis which was published in journal of linguistics and in The Journal of Symbolic Logic He started giving lectures in behaviorist currents in linguistics in 1954 at the University of Chicago and Yale University Although he had not been registered as a student at Pennsylvania for four years he submitted a thesis to the University of Pennsylvania in 1955 on transformational grammar and he was awarded his Ph D After receiving his Ph D Degree he had the chance to pass on mandatory military service

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