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A newspaper tycoon Charles Foster Kane one of the wealthiest influential Men

Topic Paper 2 A newspaper tycoon Charles Foster Kane one of the wealthiest influential men in America if not the world dies of an old age in his extravagant mansion As a child he was brought up in a humble settlement in Colorado where he was born and raise till 8 years old by Kane s parents The parents of Kane suddenly struck gold when given a mine settled to their name An agreement paid off yearly with some fortune and the guardianship of Charles decided by his mother thought it was best for a banker of New York City named Walter Thatcher to raise the boy in luxury until he becomes an adult Kane grows up resenting Thatcher so he spends most of his adult life rebellious against everything Thatcher values and interest 1 Charles Foster Kane is now an adult nearing at the age of Twenty Five years old who will own six private fortunes to his name Thatcher advises Kane the business interest of oil well shipping and real estate sends him a message 1 Kane replies declining his interest offer but instead took control of Thatcher owned newspaper called New York Daily Inquirer and he said to Thatcher it would be fun to run a newspaper 1 Charles a full fledge owner of Inquirer with the help of Bernstein his manager and his best friend Jed Leland his first act came to publish a declaration of principles stating his obligation to be truthful to the working people and it s readers 

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