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The rebellion was to escape the humans and their cruel Ways

The rebellion was to escape the humans and their cruel ways but can they escape the death grip of their own kind Equality and communism go hand and hand and it would make for an ideal society in Animal Farm if it were not for the pigs hunger for power and their narcissism animalism would have prevailed but due to self preservation the animals and the farm were all held back from achieving a successful utopia and over time it got worse and it led to a total change of animalism and what it stood for Self preservation is one of the 3 prominent themes in this story and it is shown constantly throughout the story in various forms such as narcissism selfishness and loyalty the main characters who display these traits are squealer and napoleon These traits affect the farm by creating inequality between the rest of the animals and the pigs and this is shown all throughout the book like for example napoleon convinces the animals that he needs extra apples not because he wants them but because he NEEDS them to survive and he continues to try and push that lie by telling them that apples have vitamins that pigs need to survive and they finally let in and let him have more apples than the rest of the animals later on in the book he only lets pigs sleep in beds and only lets pigs drink and he creates a huge line between the other animals and the pigs because the pigs become so privileged because they can sleep in beds wear clothes drink alcohol etc but the other animals just have to work and get the bare minimum and if not less food than they're supposed to while the pigs don't have to work at all because they consider themselves much more superior and intelligent and they tell the other animals that they are just gonna watch over them and make sure that they re doing everything right The next way self preservation affects the animals in the farm is by creating greed and greed is always constantly evolving throughout this story and every single time the pigs push and push it and the way they do this is by making small changes over time so the animals don't realize how much it s impacted the farm until it's too late for example one of the first lies that napoleon made was about how he needs apples to survive and he continues to lie constantly throughout the book 

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