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In the United States of America people are given unique Opportunities

In the United States of America people are given unique opportunities that other countries might not give Some of these opportunities include the Freedom of Speech the Freedom of Expression and the Freedom of Religion Today our country is facing a little uprise in the amount of police brutality political scandals and political feuds this ultimately results in protests around the country some are peaceful and others some of the time can get a bit violent or out of control sometimes you can see smoke at these protests from the rare molotov cocktail or of an American flag burning while one of these is a threat to the safety of bystanders or other party goers the other is the desecration of a national symbol The Flag Desecration Amendment also known as the Flag burning Amendment states that The congress shall have power to prohibit the physical desecration of the flag of the United States Under this law it would give the government the power to punish those who burn or otherwise destroy the American flag As waving a flag from your porch or from the back of your truck sends a message so does burning the flag Burning the flag of the United States in protest is a common practice which has been legal and protected by the 1st amendment ever since 1990 so to create a law prohibiting the burning of a national symbol would be unconstitutional as it goes against your right of expression and speech However you can still be found guilty of misdemeanor for starting a fire without a permit There are those who would want to see this law passed and others who think that it should continue to be legal 

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