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The study used positive reinforcement and rewards to reinforce the positive behaviour

ABSTRACT The purpose of this individual case study were to decrease the maladaptive behaviour displayed by the participants and have the participants verbalize his feeling before they build up to cause the maladaptive behaviour The study used positive reinforcement and rewards to reinforce the positive behaviour displayed by the participants as well as to deter negative bahavior The participants made vast improvements in expressing their emotions and also showed great improvement in controlling his maladaptive behaviours Implications of diagnosis of ASD Autism Spectrum Disorder are discussed as we as explanation of other studies performed for individuals with this diagnosis Introduction There is a great need for more research on adults who have autism Most of the current and past studies are done on school age children with this disorder and not the growing teenager It appears that after twenty the age most autistic individuals have completed their education there is less of a need for behavioural interventions but that is not the case This study will help individuals with autism and their families to cope with the individual s behavior in a more positive way This study will also help to provide suggestions to other researchers or caregivers in order to help deal will some of the behaviors that accompany this disorder PURPOSE OF THE STUDY

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