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Women have become synonymous with terms gentleness sensitivity and physical Beauty

Media Woman Over the course of history women have become synonymous with terms such as gentleness sensitivity and physical beauty They are almost always seen as objects of beauty rather than beings that are capable of holding powerful positions in life We are exposed to these ideologies through the media From a young age children observe how women are depicted in the media as being weak and simple minded creatures The media is selling the concept that the value of a woman lies in her youth sexuality and beauty rather than her intelligence and strength In many advertisements women are not only objectified but are seen with incredibly unrealistic characteristics This includes an extremely thin waist long silky hair and a face with soft feminine features and no blemishes These false representations go on to shape how people view and treat women in society The average American consumer sees over 3 000 commercials messages every day In the majority of these messages women are being depicted as sexual objects Not only this but they are seen as weak minded beings that lack the capability of a man and this is an ongoing issue 

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