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Bitcoin the elusive mysterious Cryptocurrency

INTRODUCTION Bitcoin the elusive mysterious cryptocurrency grabbed headlines all over the globe a few years ago In early 2009 someone using the pseudonym Satoshi Takemoto announced on a cryptography listserv the release of a new open source online currency system which he or she called Bitcoin Bitcoin has gained widespread recognition through online media and despite high volatility it remains a marginal but distinctive financial asset Moore and Christin 2013 It is undoubtedly the most significant intervention in the field of Cryptocurrencies electronic currency Many say bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which is clearly and indisputably a gigantic bubble that s set to burst But what exactly is a bubble A speculative bubble is a peculiar kind of fad or social epidemic that is regularly seen in the speculative markets not a wild orgy of delusions but a natural consequence of the principles of social psychology coupled with imperfect media and information channels Robert Shiller 2013 Rogoff 2017 mainly argues that this bubble will burst under government pressure This essay aims to critically evaluate the arguments present in Rogoff s article by drawing on claims from other secondary articles and my research on the topic SECTION 1 SUMMARY OF ROGOFF 2017 

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