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Thank you your excellencies President of the General Assembly

Thank you your excellencies President of the General Assembly Executive Director of the UN women UN Secretary General and honored guests for being part of this important moment Today we send forth the movement HeForShe but still we need your support to put an end to gender inequality This is the first UN campaign that have this kind of purpose We want to try to create a change in which men and women contribute And our intention is to create a change that can be seen in the future a change that is tangible I was chosen as Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women And it is important to mention that the more I want to transmit feminism the more I get to acknowledge that nowadays when women fights for their rights they are being associated with man hating this is why other females are choosing to be against HeForShe This needs to end because if you believe in the social political and economical equality of the sexes you are a feminist I chose to be a feminist and it was simple to me But now I found out that through my research that the word feminist has become an unpopular one and has started to be hated but that is not what is important but the ambition behind it due to the fact that not all females have the same rights as me 

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