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Should Schools Provide Condoms

Katharine Willegalle Mrs Welter Advanced Biology Anatomy January 3 2018 Should Schools Provide Condoms Over the least few years the number of reported S T I s in adolescents has risen by over 25 This rises the question of should school provide condoms for the students The short answer It depends on who you ask The American Academy of Pediatrics thinks schools should while many concerned parents think that schools should not There are many valid reasons for both sides of the debate yet the pros schools should provide condoms have more researched studies then the cons schools should not provide condoms The topics that will be examined in this paper are do condoms increase sexual activity are condoms an effective method of protection how common are condom availability programs and by providing condoms for teens does this put them at risk Currently 16 of girls and 29 of boy are sexually active before the age of 16 Although this is the highest the number has ever been it looks as though the number will not stop climbing anytime soon To many this number is already a concern because the legal age for consent is 16 So the fact that more then 15 of girls and almost 30 of boys are participating in sexual activity before the legal age of consent brings many to believe that something needs to change in sex education Many schools already provide some sort of sexual education The most common way that it Sex ED is taught is through the school just telling their kids to abstain and just not do which for many people is easier said then done One of the many reasons people believe that condoms should not be distributed is that they believe that condoms will increase sexual activity while in reality condom distribution does not increase sexual activity A pediatric study showed that the availability of condoms does not increase sexual activity but can decrease unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections Even though condom usage among teens are on the rise there are still many adolescents that are not using condoms especially in areas with not as much money In these areas many teens have no where to get a hold of condoms making their school the only feasible place to obtain protection

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