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In The Diary of Anne Frank

In The diary of Anne Frank a 13 years old girl shows her thoughts about the problems that appear because the right of believing in what you want is not respected Anne Frank demonstrates perseverance as she tries to live a normal lifestyle while she and her family fights for survival in the Second World War Her father Otto Frank with the help of his company s employers manages to find a hiding place in an unknown part of a building called the Secret Annex were he his family and a few other people will live for more than two years Even if her life in the annex is difficult she still finds the power to think of other persons that don't have the luck to be safe from the War and feels bad that she is more fortunate When Anne Frank first begins writing in her diary as a thirteen year old girl she feels that her family and the other members of the annex don t understand her Being a teenager who is just starting to form her character and identity she feels like she is alone even if she surrounded by people Because of this she first speaks to the diary thinking that it is a sympathetic nonjudgmental friend that she couldn t find elsewhere The time that she spends hiding in the annex make her feel even more misunderstood The bad energy that accumulates being locked in such a small place make her think that her mother is cold and rough and has the impression that the other adults consider her a nuisance 

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