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Being an immigrant is mostly very hard Living

Being an immigrant is mostly very hard living with the terrible memories makes it even harder Finding a job is the easy part about being an immigrant Being haunted by the memories is the worst part This is what our main character is dealing with in the short story Fireweed by Skye Brannon The main character in the text is called Baluta He lives in America and his real name is Joel He is from Liberia from a tribe called Mandik tribe Dese Americans Jato said if you tell dem your Mandik name dey look like you ve given dem a riddle You tell dem your name is Bob and dey are all smiles ll 12 13 He lives with his sister in law Sama and his brother Jato They don t have a lot of money and we can see that when Baluta is using his brother s car which is broken Baluta used to have a bigger family he used to have a father a sister and a grandmother and together they lived in a hut in Liberia He feels guilty because he did nothing to save his sister from being raped and later killed He also feels guilt when he uses his brother's car to get to work because Jato s car is almost broken 

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