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Northridge Earthquake this events happens in about 23 years ago from today Located in San Fernando in North Central California It's one of most devastating earthquake and has been recorded the third most expensive damage cost in the US history Buildings houses hospital and etc have experienced heavy damage and collapse in each sites There's over a thousand people got injured and about 57 people died Right now while I'm researching about Northridge Earthquake I want to find out how earthquake occur why the damage cost so much and where the earthquake comes from The reason I want to research this topic is because it really gets me to find out more about Northridge Earthquake To achieve this goal I want to do more research and information What is earthquake Earthquake is the shaking of the earth's surface resulting underground sudden break boundaries between moving plates collided or blocks of the earth suddenly slip one another causing destruction toward houses buildings and etc The damage was mainly caused by a powerful wave near the epicenter The Seismic wave is an energy that travel through the earth's layers Crust results earthquake volcano eruption and other natural disaster You can feel the seismic wave depends where you live

You'll most likely to feel seismic wave more near the off coast or near the epicenter of the earth The first earthquake was ever recorded was in New Madrid Missouri It's one of the biggest earthquake ever in US The magnitude was about 8 0 and about hundreds of people died or got injured There are other earthquakes which have much more power than this Japan for example In 2011 the magnitude in japan was about 9 0 and more than 20 000 people died or got injured Natural and Human Activities Most of the earthquake caused by natural disaster and human activity Natural disaster for example volcanoes and Tsunami Once it erupts the plates will affect the edges or the boundaries the earthquakes will then occur and the plates will pull away from each other During my research I found out that earthquake is not only caused by natural disaster it's also caused by human activity Scientist believes that its probably the construction workers which they aggressively digging or drilling too much to release as much oil as they can I also found out that too much drilling or fracking can result a vibration to the ground and cause the plates to break apart or separate

You may encounter with extreme temperatures underneath the ground because you ll bout to approach the mantle of the earth The mantle is composed of very hot density rock which its close to the magma you might suffer from severe burn dehydration or even death Prediction During my research I found out that every year scientists have tried many different ways to detect earthquakes Where it locates and When does it occur They used several different methods and different tools For example using laser beams to detect movement from the ground and seismometer to detect how powerful it is Overall they can measure how powerful the earthquake is but they still can't predict it So there is no way for us to know when will it happen Northridge Earthquake About 23 year from today Northridge Earthquake occured at around 4 in the morning the duration of the earthquake was around less than 10 seconds People who lived in San Fernando valley begin to feel dizziness and nauseous because of the Earthquake After the Earthquake was over the building collapsed the roads are destroyed and the bridges are bent More than 50 people died and others got sent to the hospital because of severe injury Today in 2018 i found that the Northridge earthquake has rank third largest damage cost in the US history it was around 20 billion in damages So why did the Earthquake occurred where did it came from and how it got its name

While I was researching I found out it occurred when there was undiscovered fault near the Northridge Its now named the Northridge Blind Thrust Fault because it happen outta of nowhere near the Northridge The scientist wasn't aware of it and they couldn't predict it They ve tried using the seismometer device that detects measures seismic wave from the ground but nothing works Conclusion Overall of my research all I can say that earthquake is one the most devastating thing natural disaster for us to experience it It's really shocking to see how earthquake can cause so much destruction It destroys our houses building cars hospital and many lives What we're hoping is to see scientist can successfully predict the earthquake and able to help million of lives

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