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Clinical Question In order to ensure proper discharge Planning

Clinical Question In order to ensure proper discharge planning has been implemented properly using teach back method is vital during patient discharge A literature review disclosed that teach back method assisted in reducing health complications and decreased hospital readmissions One of many issues with discharge planning is that nurses may explain instructions once in result for information not being retainable for patients As such insufficient discharge planning can lead to negative patient outcomes Not only is teach back method determines patient understanding it also reinforces information already given According to Almkuist 2017 heart failure HF affects 5 7 million Americans one in four patients discharged with a diagnosis of HF are readmitted within 30 days p 309 A hospital educational study was conducted with patients with heart failure 23 high risk heart failure patients participated in a 60 minute teach back sessions During a 180 day study period the goal was to reduce the 30 day readmission to 13 8 for these patients Haney M Shepherd J 2014 p 50 The results reported 10 out 23 43 changed dietary habits particularly sodium intake because of the teaching 1 out of 23 died 3 13 was readmitted to the hospital with 30 days but only one was related to heart failure 3 patient s didn t remember the teach back method at all and 5 patient s reported it's a reminder of what they previously learned 

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