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Pharmacological Management and Interventions in the Prevention of type 2 Diabetes

Mellitus Currently accepted interventions can be divided into 2 levels LEVEL 1 Lifestyle modification with diet and exercise see other group contribution LEVEL 2 Lifestyle modification Medication or surgical intervention Progression to level 2 interventions have been supported by clinical trials Prevention 2015 Ramachandran et al 2006 Defronzo et al 2010 GR et al 2008 and are applicable when level 1 interventions have failed to reach the intended goal or when participation in intensive lifestyle intervention programs is impossible These interventions should be particularly considered in cases of combined IFG IGT Management of preventing diabetes should aim at Delaying or preventing the onset of diabetes Preserving beta cell function Preventing or delaying microvascular and macrovascular complications Pharmacological therapy can improve insulin sensitivity preserve beta cell function promote weight loss and delay CHO metabolism Smith Marsh 2013 Yet should a lifestyle condition be managed with lifelong medication Medication could influence patient and doctor indicating no need for further lifestyle modification 

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