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Fear as the Sculptor Cracking Open the Igbo Society

Fear as the Sculptor Cracking Open the Igbo Society Things Fall Apart focuses on the traditional Igbo society culture and religion In the book Achebe never labels Europeans as bad and the Igbo good he chooses to hold an optimistic attitude throughout the book However in many ways his description of the Igbo parallels with his optimism Achebe s punctilious attitude towards the Igbo society exhibits a unique perspective on white men He includes major events and scenes in the novel as an opportunity to point out the flaws and virtues of both the clan and the colonists The events and scenes connect the reader with the historical side of the novel and reveals information about Igbo society s and characters traditions and values Igbo lifestyle and culture is highly stylized from its rituals to actions performed for certain ceremonies Most of these formalized actions occur in an attempt to show respect to some external being Another man an ancestral spirit or a god 

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