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Hollywood is pertained as the center of American

Hollywood is pertained as the center of American film and television industries Merriam Webster n d According to Hale 2014 its origin traces back in late 1800s where movies and motion started to develop by the invention of motion toys that produces an illusion of motion from a display of still frames in fast sequences The first true motion capture was produced by Edward Muybridge in 1872 He positioned 12 cameras on a racetrack and captured multiple shots as the horses came across By the time of 1885 the first film for motion photography was simulated by William H Walker and George Eastman Later on the Lumiere brothers designed a hand cranked machine called cinematographe which captures pictures and project still frames in fast sequences Advancement in film and motion photography happened in 1900s where editing backdrops and visual movements were explored These persuaded aspiring filmmakers to push through creative field During the same year America s film pioneer Edwin S Porter made one of the earliest and the most famous movie titled The Great Train Robbery However the America's home of motion pictures Hollywood started in 1920s after the World War I The first of its film was Cecile B DeMille's The Squaw Man released in the year 1914 It was decided by Cecile B DeMille and Oscar Apfel to shoot in Los Angeles in the last minute 

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