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Personal Statement Giving Voice to the Voiceless

Personal Statement Giving Voice to the Voiceless University of Tennessee Knoxville Graduate Admissions Night falls in Malibu California as the counselors and the rest of my 6th grade class sat around the campfire My classmates and I wrote down our dreams and took turns throwing them into the glowing embers The dream I had that final night at camp was to come back as a counselor someday It was a few years before I could apply but my wish came to fruition the summer before high school For the next four years I devoted my summers to volunteering as a counselor for the junior blind at that very same camp The experiences and valuable information that these visually impaired campers brought into my life cultivated a growth of empathy and understanding for children with special needs and while I didn't know exactly what it meant at the time it would turn out that social work was my big dream all along Why social work It's in my nature to look for ways to reach out to people And it's always been much more than a sentiment for me it's meant active hands on assistance whenever I would see a need I learned that lesson as a child when I was a volunteer for the Foundation for the Junior Blind at Camp Bloomfield Hands on meant letting them hold on to my arm instead of me holding theirs 

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