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Masters in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling Application

I was abandoned by my mother at birth spent my early years in a children's home and was later adopted into a family where I was abused and neglected I was smart shy withdrawn and grew up struggling with same sex attraction In school I was bullied beaten and ostracized for being different Childhood counseling became my lifeline and helped me avoid suicide as a teen focusing me instead on positive things I could do for myself such as scouting scholastics sports and finding creative ways to support myself financially Later in life counseling helped me through a difficult divorce separation from my children bankruptcy and homelessness Counseling helped me come to terms with my sexual orientation and come out as a healthy well adapted gay man at age 28 survive the AIDS epidemic and cope with grief loss and survivor s guilt as everyone I knew perished around me Counseling helped me cope with physical injuries I sustained in the military and rebuild my life as a disabled service connected veteran Counseling helped me survive drug related incarceration reintegrate successfully into the community avoid recidivism overcome substance abuse and kept me stable in recovery for the past 18 years

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