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Not all heroes wear capes Follow the storyline of an average guy with above average dreams Ladder 49 8 out of 10 Stars Joaquin Phoenix John Travolta Jacinda Barrett Directed by Jay Russel PG 13 for intense fire and rescue situations and for language Runtime 115 For some a hero will come in many different instances In this case Baltimore firefighter Jack Morrison is a real life hero Throughout the movie Ladder 49 the plot actors and the soundtrack itself make the movie Ladder 49 in my opinion is not only one of the best movies of all time but also one of THE best fire fighter related movies of all time That is why I chose to rate the movie eight out of ten stars Jack Morrison is a Baltimore firefighter Early in the movie the crew is displayed on scene of a building that is pouring and shooting flames out of the windows Jack and his team rescues two men but Jack goes back on the possibility that there might be a third He finds the man and gets him to safety just before the building explodes and Jack is caught in the burning debris The floor collapses on Jack and leaves him free falling numerous stories hitting the ground on the first floor In a series of flashbacks Jack being initiated into the firehouse culture fighting his first fire meeting the woman who would become his wife and performing many heroic acts during the 10 or so years covered in the story we relive 

Jacks final moments in his life during this film Meanwhile his buddies of Ladder 49 are working desperately to get him out of the burning building cutting through concrete and rebar as the building threatens to crumble in a shower of flames and debris Time is ticking and it is up to the crew of Ladder 49 to save him The main actors in which consist of Phoenix Jack Travolta Captain Kennedy and Barrett Jacks wife Linda were given roles with purpose and meaning In the beginning the scene opens with a massive building engulfed in flames with black smoke covering the sky The first character that arises is Jack Morrison a rookie fire fighter for an engine and truck company in Baltimore Ladder 49 When jack hits the ground floor after the fourth floor letting out from below him the first flashback we see is Jack walking down the street with his bunger gear bag and his fire academy shirt walking into the fire station meeting all of his soon to be brothers Upon arrival one of the fireman invite Jack to a confession while the members of Ladder 49 play a joke on him Falling victim to the confessional prank Jack admits that he's had impure thoughts about loose women 

The priest Captain Lenny asks Jack if he is a virgin the answer is no and they open the curtain with Jack embarrassed and confused This little prank the guys pulled on Jack reminded me of my first initiation into the fire hall contributing to my review of eight out of ten stars Jack s character role played a big part in the movie and required real life fire training The cast picked seemed more real than just a movie Toward the middle of the movie Jack got his first fire with Captain Kennedy the bond the memory shown in the flashback right there created a brotherhood between the two like no other Just like anyone if you are around someone long enough they most likely start getting annoying Well during Christmas time in the movie Jack and Lenny get into it at a bar when Lenny comes stumbling in with a woman other than his wife and completely drunk With everything Jack has been going through with his personal life and the firehouse Jack s had enough The two start fighting and Captain Kennedy breaks it up The two may have had ups and downs but when it was time to get the job done they did not let anything get in there way just how Lenny is doing anything in his power to save Jack from the blaze Along with the heroic and thrill seeking scenes the soundtrack used throughout the movie impacts the viewer as well

From the roaring thrill quenching scenes that leave you on the edge of your seat to the sad solemn deaths the Ladder 49 soundtrack is very impactful throughout the movie One of the two most stand out songs in the movie Fire by the Ohio Players was played after jacks wedding reception Tommy also one of Jack s best friends called all of the guys up to the stage to sing along All of their wives in the crowd along with Jack s wife Linda they sit laughing having a good time just like the men on stage Another iconic song from the film and probably the most known is Shine Your Light by Robbie Robertson This sad heart aching song starts playing right after Captain Kennedy ends the funeral service for the passing of hero Jack Morrison from Ladder 49 It shows cut scenes of his first fire with Captain Kennedy him repelling over an office building to save a life and Jack's six brothers carrying him in his casket with the flag draped over him Loading jack into the hose bed of the fire engine his brothers stand over him while a huge funeral preceding escorts him All in all the thrill seeking nail biting heroic film Ladder 49 earns a strong eight of ten stars for its plot actors and soundtrack For example there is never a dull moment when watching this fantastic film Similarly the actors chosen for the roles in the movie were outstanding in trying to recreate the real feeling of a hero In addition the soundtrack of Ladder 49 set the mood for every situation that was around the corner ahead

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