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Not only Americans are looking for happiness everyone in the world is looking for happiness some people spend their whole life looking for happiness and some people find it easily John Stuart Mill's opinion of making yourself feel happy is to help others out and only care about someone else's happiness Also our enjoyment of life is supposed to make us happy but our mind thinks that is still not enough In truth John Stuart Mill's opinion of happiness is respectable since happiness is difficult to achieve but if one is willing to partake then it is possible Happiness comes from your generosity to the community Generosity is the quality of being kind and generous just like Jernstoberiet in the Happy Document According to Jernstoberiet speaker of the Happy Document He goes out to catch crabs cook them and eat it with others they also look out for each other Belic Basically the author is saying that the way the speaker feels happy is by treating others and that will also make others feel happy Feeling happy is the key and it is also important to your body because if you feel down you feel like you don't want to do anything and feel depressed the way to tell that is your face expressing But if you go out to the community to help out those who are in need you will feel better after

According to Michael Norton speaker of How to Buy Happiness At the end of the day I called back the results of people spending twenty dollars on someone else make them happier Norton The author s point is that spending money on someone else will make you yourself feel much happier than spending money on yourself Ways to spend your money on someone else that will make you feel happy are by donating to the church buy someone something nice or something they are in need of At the end happiness all comes from your kindness and your willingness to help someone out to make them feel happy and at the same time make yourself feel happy Happiness comes from the impact of your actions towards others An action is a fact or process of doing something typically to achieve an aim In this case Andy Wimmer speaker of Happy Document Giving the ones in need the things they need bring him happiness Belic In making this comment the author urges us to give back to the unfortunate people or people who are in need of something by doing that it will bring you happiness Giving back is a good way to show others that you respect them and that you do care about them As we sometimes say Sharing is caring What that means is that sharing what you have with others means you do care about others just like Ed Diener in the Happy Document According to Ed Diener speaker of Happy Document Caring about things other than yourself can bring more happiness Belic In other words the author believes that caring about others instead of yourself brings happiness to you Making someone happy makes their day much better Happiness is achieved by your dedication convincing and also your contributions to the community to help out the community to make yourself feel happy Here many other people would object that happiness is hard to achieve because they think that money can buy them happiness Nowadays people use money to compete with others by buying expensive things to raise their social status and show their wealth But people's wealth doesn't make a lot of people feel any happier According to Sonja Lyubomirsky speaker of Happy

Document Only 10 of happiness comes from health social status money and etc Belic In another words the author believes that your fame money healthiness and other things are very small part of your happiness But he believes happiness comes from your genes and what you do However the amount of money that we make doesn t matter as long as we stay active According to Ronaldo Fadul speaker of Happy Document I believe in staying very active it brings me happiness Belic In another words the author believes that staying active brings him happiness like surfing running and swimming etc

Staying active is the key to keep your heart healthy and keep you fit At the end you can't buy happiness with money because money and fame will make you feel less happy according to Tim Kasser but if you staying active you are less likely to feel sad or depressed In conclusion there is possibility that happiness will occur if someone is willing to do something to make it happen then it would not be hard to achieve Happiness is formed by our action and what we do to help the community to make our community that much better Also money is not your friend when it comes to happiness and it is proven by a Ph D Professor of Psychology named Tim Kasser and a Ph D Professor of Psychology named Sonja Lyubomirsky and that proves why my arguments are stronger I believe that happiness really comes from our action and our kindness to others that money is not the way you find and achieve happiness

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