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This variety of interpretation is a recurrent Phenomenon

Different readers from different time periods interpret a text I have selected the time period in which this ad was made 1940s and 2017 as the two different time periods This variety of interpretation is a recurrent phenomenon in literature there is not any literary work that is interpreted exactly the same way by different readers and in different time periods The interpretation mainly depends on the context and some other factors in which the reader reads the piece of literature Readers also base their interpretation on different themes that are in some way related to the context in which they read As one can tell from the logo this image is an advertisement of an American fast food restaurant called Hardee's back in the 1940's One could tell that Hardee s is probably a quite successful and well known eatery in America and that the audience of this advertisement was likely to be a vast number of customers Thus it makes it even more difficult to believe that the advertisement of this popular fast food restaurant would contain such sexist contents and that the biased message is conveyed in a very direct way The husband is wearing his jacket and hat giving the impression that he just got off of work The wife is wearing heels and an apron standing by the sink filling a pot of water or doing dishes

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