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Nowadays the vital asset in medical setting is the Electronic Health Records EHR EHR approves demographic clinical and medical history regarding a patient to be settled in one approved place that is nationally acknowledge According to HealthIT gov these documents grant for more accessible medical decisions to be constructed and assisted computer physician order access the capability to query and apprehend information and acknowledges easier delivery and transaction of information between contrasting sources and organizations n a GAAP or what we called the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles are the administrates and prerequisite applied to determine the planning of all the financial statements GAAP describes as the foundation of establishing assessment demonstration and disclosure Establishing classifies as how items must be recognized with in financial description Demonstration defines what item expense would certainly to be describes with in the financial statement and finally disclosure which identifies what information is fundamentally to financial business 

This information improves records and makes it most constructive There are some commodities to deliberate as we query the charge of an EHR According to HealthIT gov purchase and installation of an EHR ranges from 15 000 to 20 000 depending on if the EHR is on site or web based n a In any EHR revenue informing the accurate documentation is recognized to be a key factor Administering the imprecise information coding falsely or even an incomplete record might affect the office to lose revenue or even be audited In addition having the EHR helps cut out mistakes that could easily be made by the medical staff As a result of expense for medical operation occasionally fluctuate which prioritizing the revenue cycle has become more imperative for medical providers The desires to be consistent administration in regard to any revenue cycle With that being said this will require the help of the entire medical staff along with monitoring all information thoroughly The EHR guarantee the privacy and protection concerning all patients information That can be applied over the Corrective Coding Initiative CCI dealing with electronic billing The three considerable fundamental components are a charge captures b coding and c collections Charge capture is based on clinical documentation charge assignment and reconciliation of charges for services provided in patient care CentraMed n a In addition making sure the medical staff is accurately putting in all information rather it's a regular office visit or emergency visit 

Occasionally the services may consist of ancillary service which is determined on top of an office visit for example laboratory test imaging studies or perhaps even vaccinations Anyway it is up to the medical staff to add it all into the patient's EHR Failure to not include information will cost the practice a loss of revenue Coding can be considered the key to any practice Indecisiveness to add a code or coding it falsely could face the practice clinic not just losing revenue but they may get audited by IRS In particular ways you can say the coding rules may be a little complex In some ways many individuals mentioned that coding rules a bit complex In coding network all the services that the patient received should be describes including any diagnosis that may refer In regards to collection period Woodcock defines that it is important to start at the right details within the revenue management cycle 2012 In addition to think of obtaining the payment after the services is way to late sometimes patients nor medical staff do not remember if the patients are already paid off especially if the establishment is busy Assuring that the payment gets before the patient is examined also that comes together with verifying insurance or establishing that the patient is private payer In concerning about audit the organizations must provide hardware software and procedural tools that will document and look into all the activity in the information systems that collects patient s data 

Severity of Illness Index assigns to each patient at discharge an overall severity score that is determined from the scores of each seven medically meaningful dimension chosen to reflect burden illness Horn S Horn R Sharkey 1984 There are seven dimensions that corresponds to each patient stay at the hospital 1 stage of principal diagnosis 2 complications of principal condition 3 concurrent interacting conditions that affect the hospital course 4 dependency on hospital staff 5 extent of non operating room life support procedures 6 rate of response to therapy or rate of recovery and 7 impairment remaining after therapy for the acute aspect of hospitalization Horn S Horn R Sharkey 1984 All of these characteristic influences the payment system in healthcare settings All the reimbursement received to the hospital clinic from the insurance company or private payer are really depends on how and what is being billed In addition regarding reimbursements patient s classification must be honestly even with all consideration assigned to the resource intended used Throughout the Electronic Health Records there are many organizations services and personnel that help keep the system aligned all while making a worldwide healthcare connection

The main stockholders include the employers the patients the payers the providers the indemnity insurance and service plans The EHR all alone helps keep patients medical information organized all while improving their care Concerning providers the EHR helps them to establish a digital knowledge of all their patients while keeping them informed as well on certain updates The ACO can be described as a Shared Savings Program however a higher level for the sharing cost and somewhat uses population has based reimbursements MCOs can be called health plan Both of the two have a goal of a more integrated care Furthermore ACOs have to notify patients that they are a part of an ACO and reduction of cost for the patient The EHR has a set responsibility regarding the two ACOs and MCOs In addition healthcare providers support the boundaries set for the two and what comes with them because in the end it improves the care for all patients

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