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Nowadays we are living in a world full of risks Some teenagers and adults receive offers of illegal drugs in night clubs or even the streets A high percentage of drug addicts are aged between 16 and 59 which represents mostly the working class Because the illegal use of drugs is hurting population governments from all around the world are trying to combat this situation by creating policies that can help to reduce consumption and also to reduce insecurity that is generated by this The policies that were created were the legalization for recreative use increased of security forces and a harm reduction strategy These three policies have had serious effects on society in everyday life The purpose of the essay is to show the different effects that these three policies have in countries like Mexico and the United States The first effect is considered to be the least advanced of all the others This initiative comes from the belief that this will bring a greater good to the society but not to the consumer because it isn t looking to prevent its use It also comes as a response to the unsuccessful attempts of trying to reduce the distribution and consumption This effect would not only try to reduce crime but also to create a moral conscience regarding public health and safety in the population If drugs were legalized in countries that are considered consumers then there wouldn't be a crime rate because it would be legal 

This will reduce the insecurity rate because there would be no need of fighting with police or terrifying the population in a certain area In Mexico this hasn t has happened yet but in the United States America there are two states where it is legal to buy marijuana that are California and Colorado The increased militarization has been a possible response to the inefficiency that the local authorities have had trying to reduce insecurity This one has been put in practice in countries where there are wars between cartels The famous war against drugs declared by the government against the different cartels has caused in Mexico a high level of insecurity in states located in the northern and southern part of the country States like Chihuahua Guerrero Sinaloa and Oaxaca which suffer shootouts between military forces and cartels where the most affected part are the civilians But besides the shootouts it is not a secret that here in Mexico our armed forces and policemen do not earn enough money This can result in corruption that is also one of the problems that is affecting Mexico But the corruption just does not end in military but also state governors engage in corrupt practices in these states Drug Lords earn enough money to brave functionaries So isn't a possible solution because the effects that it has in society are not that great for us in fact it only may harm us because it only generates ore insecurity In the earlier years of drugs the sanctions used to a person that had drugs were pretty hard in order to prevent and incentive that person to no commit that crime again These law enforcements can be through fines jail sentences and loss of privileges Positive incentives were created hoping that this would reduce the illegal use of drugs because there would be reasons offered to consumers that may convince them of not doing this When mixing them up the result that is expected is that people are not tempted to make the use of illegal drugs a habit In addition to the strategy the strategy that was mentioned before because the higher market of drug users In Mexico are teenagers and in the United States they have focused in teaching useful information in high schools and in social media and civil actions so that teens don't fall in this addiction

The two strategies that mentioned before may only have an effect in two kinds of people that are those that can lose something valuable and also the ones that want to move forward in life It is important that the effect of this policy have a quick impact because we cannot allow that more young people fall to drugs because they are misinformed In conclusion Drugs not only harm the drug users it also affects the community that surrounds the person that is involved in this problem Countries from all around the world are trying to eradicate this problem but with different approach Not all countries have the same problems Mexico has the problem of combating the production and distribution and also to protect their population from the shootouts that happen between drug cartels or between cartels and police Other countries such as the United States of America their main worry is that they would try to avoid the entering of the drugs coming from Mexico by the drug cartels i e One of the solutions that were show was the militarisation but this one I think is a little bit radical but also a viable solution because the money range that drug cartels have is pretty big and that is why they can buy powerful guns that are too much for the police and that is why the entering of the military is a radical but viable solution but with secondary effect that can create a higher damage But both in the United States and in Mexico they have the same issue that is avoiding their young people to use these illicit drugs The young people is the future of the country and we can allow to fall into drugs So it is pretty important that the youngsters are well informed about this topic so that they can prevent it

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