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Nuclear weapons proliferation is one of the greatest security threats to international security today This problem of nuclear proliferation has an impact on every State Thus the response for the issue must be multilateral The issue of nonproliferation staged as an international issue as the replacement agreement to the strategic Army Reduction Treaty START was signed by the US and Russia in December 2011 And President Barak Obama gave his priority to the nuclear issue in his international agenda The nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty NPT is established comprehensively with legally binding framework based on three principles 1 states who are not having nuclear weapons agree not to acquire them 2 the five states China France United Kingdom US Russia which know to develop nuclear weapons agree to not move and assist other states and 3 the non nuclear weapons states NNWS are guaranteed access to energy development Treaty on the Non Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Participation in the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty https en m wikipedia org wiki Treaty_on_the_Non Proliferation_of_Nuclear_Weapons The nine states China France India North Korea Pakistan Russia the United States and United Kingdom are recognized as the states which own neclear weapons and there are more than 30 countries including Japan German and South Korea have the capability and technology to develop nuclear arms

Because of that the need for neclear disarmament can be recognized as a nascent global consensus in current world affairs Through the speech US President Barak Obama delivered in Prague he addressed the global community dragging everyone else attention on the global nonproliferation efforts Afterwards the states who have ratified the comprehensive Gest Ban Treaty increased to 157 states in 2011 Showing the successfulness of the treaty South Africa joined the NPT dismantling its nuclear weapons Moreover Argentina and Brazil Joined the NPT And the states like Belarus Kazakhastan and Ukraine territories on USSR joined the NPT Overall these activities show development in global nonproliferation regime Simply the NPT helped to slow proliferation To make this traety a successful one a number of factors have contributed the first and foremost thing is that most states honor their nonproliferation obligations and also the limited availability for fissle materials of states became another reason Though the treaty on the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons was able to expand the legal regime it faces many obstacles in determining world affairs The most highlighted scenario was that Iraq s demonstrated ability to hide its nuclear weapons from IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors before Gulf war 

And after this investigation IAEA wanted to strengthen their NPT inspections introducing safeguard agreements to each NPT party to negotiate with the IAEA However only 81 of 187 NPT states negotiated in 2003 Even the United States held back to implement the safeguard agreements Because of this some non nuclear weapon states question why they should take more obligations on to their shoulders while the powefull states nuclear weapon states perceive them Subsequently In 2003 North Korea announced its withdrawal from the NPT because North Korea was against the 1994 agreement More over When Pakistan a non party of NPT which is not bound by the treaty s obligations helps both North Korea and Iran with technology to develop their nuclear weapons and it becomes a problem and a danger to the international security Because it suggests the idea that there are posibilities of non nuclear weapon states in acquiring nuclear weapons Additionally the NPT did not address the non state actors and proliferation But after the 9 11 attack UN Security Council UNSC adopted Resolution 1540 to enforce and enact measure to prevent nonstate actors from acquiring WMD However Many states in the UN General Assembly have argued that the UNSC did not have the power to impose a binding resolution in this area Moreover because of resistance by the United States and other nuclear weapon states two important elements of the nonproliferation regime have never come into effect

The first one is the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty CTBT of 1996 Though the 187 states signed the traety untill the all forty four states with significant military accept the treaty it cannot enter into froce The states who own nuclear weapons such as China India Israel Pakistan and the United States have not yet done so Secondly the treaty which was created to ban the production of nuclear weapons Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty FMCT has not been negotiated United States and Russia propose only to limit the fissile material in weapons without agreeing to stop the production of nuclear weapons On the both issues United States has been criticized for blocking the successfulness of the treaties But some how president Barak Obama signeld postive reactions on both treaties CTBT and FMCT Thus the above mentioned situation provide evidences to prove the idea that the discussions of powerful states like United States effect on the security of the other states After the experience with Iraq new techniques to deal with other states e g North Korea were sought by IAEA inspectors Additionally except some successful incidents multilateral institutions have failed to prevent states such as Pakistan India and North Korea from owning nuclear weapons Before 1991 efforts of combating nuclear proliferation were succeed largely but It is hard to face to today s challenges Because of that International Organizations work in groups to deal with today s proliferation challenges the P5 1 grouping on Iran Six party talks on North Korea But unfortunately these kind of groups are not strong enough to stop the spread of nuclear technology such as Iran and North Korea still continue to pursue nuclear capability In theory IAEA can allude countries that do not comply with NPT to UNSC united Nation Security Council but in practice UNSC is not strong enough to impose sanctions or other punitive measures because of political power

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