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Humans are the only living creature affected by cholera

Cholera Humans are the only living creature affected by cholera Cholera is spread mainly by the use of unsafe water and unsafe food which is contaminated with human feces containing bacteria Although when seafood is contaminated and undercooked it can also spread cholera Poor sanitation and lack of enough clean drinking and cooking water are factors that lead to cholera outbreaks These two factors are prevalent where poverty is also prevalent With the millennium development goals in place such issues should have already been addressed In the current day decent and proper housing should be available to all worldwide However this is not the case as slums and other housing structures are increasing as the population increases and housing costs which are high making them out of the reach of many people worldwide When cholera begins to spread the government must act swiftly to mitigate and stop its spread This helps prevent the disease from becoming an epidemic which reduces the number of deaths With effective disease surveillance by the public health department and the center for infectious disease control cholera outbreaks are identified as quickly as possible and the appropriate measures to prevent its spread are put in place

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