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OB individual assignment Leadership has long been discussed over the past decades college scholars researchers and experts of management put in sufficient efforts in finding the most effective and efficient way to manage an organisation Studies conducted on large corporation s founder and the company's management or administration level have never stopped Given its importance in the academic field obtaining sufficient knowledge of leadership theory and exercise it into daily life would be beneficial to everyone Being a leader means to influence motivate and enabling other to contribute towards the effectiveness and success of organisations of which they are members McShane Olekalns Newman Travaglione 2016 In the earlier study of leadership it was found that researches focus on identifying the personality traits which characterise successful leaders However such trait approach has been proven difficult and the emergence of style and behavioural approach to leadership has been developed Emmanuel Ogbonna Harris Lloyd C Harris 2000 For people who do not study commerce the traditional form of top down leadership is embedded in their minds and becomes a stereotype to them Nevertheless leadership takes sufficient forms in organisational behaviour for example shared leadership transformational leadership managerial leadership and many other leadership styles 

Each leadership style has a distinctive feature and impact on employees for instance shared leadership suggested that leadership is a role not a position it enables employees experience higher levels of engagement and empowerment McShane et al 2016 transformational leadership views that leaders develop and communicate a strategic vision model the vision encourage experimentation and build commitment to the vision McShane et al 2016 Moreover transformational leadership is critical to team performance through various teamwork process such as team communication and conflict resolving skills Dionne Yammarino Atwater and Spangler 2004 By following a transformational leader subordinates obtain satisfaction from work and are more loyal to their organisations McShane et al 2016 managerial leadership states that effective leaders help employees improve their performance and wellbeing to support current objectives and practices employees perform established goals more effectively McShane et al 2016 under managerial leadership Over the past decades researches and studies of leadership have identified several leadership competencies which are skills knowledge aptitudes and other personalities that results in outstanding performance McShane et al 2016 Also high level of extraversion conscientiousness emotional stability and openness were perceived as characterising effective leaders Sim Lim Leung Bozionelos Nikos 2004

As the founder of her company Melissa Li demonstrates her knowledge and aptitude as an innovative pioneering engineer and a PhD student the development from one person to a global organisation shows the skills Melissa has Evidence suggests that effective leadership is linked with strong extraversion and conscientiousness McShane et al 2016 Being a leader of her organisation dealing with a committee of engineers and board of directors requires Melissa to be talkative and sociable her concerns of the rapid expanding speed of her company and the future of TWL her worries of the internal dispute over engineers and directors as well as the external competition has proven that she is a careful and dependable person which make Melissa an effective leader Being a transformational leader mostly requires an individual to elaborate on a shared vision for the team optimise that vision for each team member stimulate employees to explore other options and lead the team to a better future with assurance McShane et al 2016 Melissa as the founder of her company TWL exhibits few transformational leader characteristics For instance she is unable to tailor a clear focus of TWL s future direction whether concentrate on engineering development or commercialise the company this means Melissa lacks the capability of modelling a share vision for her employees conflicts between engineers and directors further indicate her lack of ability to resolve team disputes

The loss in trust from the engineer side signals Melissa s lost in authority and loss in her power of maintenance with her organisation Therefore Melissa as the founder of her company is not a proper transformational leader additional knowledge and skills need to be acquired by Melissa so that she becomes a successful transformational leader of her organisation The Five C s model suggests the most prevailing characteristics and behaviours of effective team members are cooperating coordinating communicating comforting and conflict resolving Cooperating means each team member have a strong sense of group belonging and work jointly together towards the same goal coordinating suggest that team members work in a harmonious state helping each other accomplish tasks communicating emphasises the importance of delivering information effectively and efficiently between each team members comforting requires team members help each other maintain a health and positive psychological state conflict resolving focuses on each team member s ability to handle disputes or arguments in the team McShane et al 2016 In Melissa s company her engineers and directors have different opinions on TWL s future development and are not willing to work together as a team 

Therefore Melissa as the leader of TWL should improve her organisation s cooperation and communication skills so that both engineers and directors can work jointly with each other and form a common objective of the company However as TWL develops it will face more and more challenges such as employee leaves the company with the company's core information the solution of such challenge could be restricting a certain number of people engage in TWL s core activities or establish a patent on their upcoming technologies For a company to strive with future challenge it is necessary for the founder to obtain adequate knowledge of leadership skills and have the theories practiced In addition employees within the organisation is required to unite in fighting against the adversities in the futures Leaders have the obligation to influence motivate and elaborate a shared vision of the future for team members to work on and they also should find out the most effective leadership style for them so that the whole organisation can perform better than their potential

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