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Learning team 17 is part of Learning teams 30

For week three case analysis here are my findings in a new format I created pertaining to the issues with Learning 17 team during their EMBA program at LC University OVERVIEW Learning team 17 is part of Learning teams 30 under two year Executive MBA EMBS at LC University One of the programs is Executive Leadership Residency ELR One of the module under ELR held yearly from September ended prior to Thanksgiving focusing leadership effective teams ethics social responsibility and personal effectiveness Member of this ELR Learning team 17 were Larry Oswald Laszo Rossovich Alessandra Filomene Janet Johnson and Burt Cavendish This project team member s are full time employee from various company professional background culture and a proud father and mother to their childrens This program leads by Dr Tony Green who is also a management department professor BACKGROUND This case study presented an issue of Learning team 17 during course of their ELR project team assignment Their dysfunctional began to develop an early stage till SOLUTION Disrespectful to other team members by assuming all would agree with his decision Several members of a team have personal goal rather than a team goal Larry seems to apply master quantitative decision making They don t share same vision to achieve collective quantitative and personal goal 

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