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Global warming is now on the rise

My Unapologetic Proposal Global warming is now on the rise which scientist believe that global warming would cause great damage to the mother earth due to climate changes For instance scientist estimated that about 50 of the glacier in the Arctic and Antarctica would melt by the year 2031 due to high records of global temperature We all also know that once the damage happens it can never be recovered even after trillions of years Global warming is caused by many factors such pollution deforestation greenhouse effect and many more The effects of global warming are drastic and we are already experiencing some of them In 2017 North American countries specifically the US and Mexico experienced a number of hurricanes earthquakes and wildfires which altogether caused about five hundred billion damages and approximately sixty two million people lost their lives The question is who is to be blamed for this Maybe the animals can be blamed for eating and recklessly dump their fecal matters on the environment The environment can also be blamed for its existence in the world Perhaps humans can also be blamed for this catastrophe because millions of million years ago plants and animals occupied Mother Earth However the earth didn t experience any inconsistency in climate change until humans occupied it 

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