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On a crisp Thursday morning in October of 1929 one of the worst days in the history of America occurred the New York Stock Market Crashed Following one of the most prosperous memorable decades in American history the country was now about to deal with the worst economic period in the history of the nation With unemployment skyrocketing the economy plummeting and the financial system falling apart all hope seemed to be lost President of the time Herbert Hoover was very unwilling to take risks in trying to repair the economy which ultimately resulted in the country diving deeper and deeper into financial problems It wasn t until 1933 when the newly elected Democratic president Franklin Delano Roosevelt took office that hope and optimism began Winning the election against Hoover by a landslide Roosevelt promised he would help fix the economy through his New Deal plan but most Americans weren't sure what this New Deal exactly was The original idea proposed by Roosevelt was clever yet very narrow with his timid approach

This New Deal included his ideas in which he wanted to put an end to the prohibition of alcohol and to start enabling the government to build dams to help control flooding Congress He also played a large role in passing a law that paid Commodity farmers which produced more jobs at higher wages Britannica Many Americans were pleased with how this plan had been going thus far but it was clear that this First New Deal wasn't quite enough and Roosevelt knew he had to make his plan stronger to find more success Knowing that his first efforts were successful but that he was capable of achieving more for his country Franklin Roosevelt promised immediate economic relief for many industries labour and housing for the American people Britannica He now took a more aggressive approach to form a Second New Deal During this new deal many new agencies were also formed such as the Works Progress Administration Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Securities and Exchange Commission and many more to dispense emergency government aid to deal with the government crisis However the greatest program of the New Deal was the brand new

Social Security system which included senior and widow women benefits unemployment compensation and insurance for disabled citizens This new program would help limit these unforeseen dangers in life and help handle them more efficiently Along with all these new programs Franklin Roosevelt also created many jobs to help soak up the large amounts of unemployment Using his new program the Public Works Administration Roosevelt spent 3 3 billion with private companies to build 34 600 projects such as dams bridges and roads social welfare With these programs and new forms of government Franklin Roosevelt started to end the Great Depression step by step Many people wonder if Franklin Roosevelt actually provided them with the New Deal he promised them during his first campaign for presidency In terms of reform the New Deal legacy has been unmatched in American history Roosevelt's programs drastically altered the relationship between the capitalist market the people and their government which would help prevent a depression like this to ever happen again shmoop However Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal did not exactly end the Great Depression like it was supposed to but instead took precautions to avoid a future depression not fulfilling its expectation to the

American people Each of these New Deal s were able to help the country overall and played a positive role when it was needed most The second deal came with a higher level of success and had a bigger effect on the country but couldn't have come into play without the strong idea that started the first New Deal Franklin Roosevelt and his New Deal policies may have been called the new deal in order to win the hearts of voters but it certainly did not give Americans a new deal Instead these programs acted as a cover up to seem like they were fixing the economy when they really weren't The only thing that made the American people believe Roosevelt was ending the depression was his mass hiring of the unemployed for construction helping cut down that field of people It wasn t until the United States entry in World War II and having the need for factories to produce supplies for the military that America would really cover from the Great Depression and begin to look optimistic towards the future Works Cited Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the New Deal Library of Congress N p n d Web 9 Jan 2018 History com Staff New Deal History com A E Television Networks 2009 Web 9 Jan 2018 New Deal Encyclopædia Britannica Encyclopædia Britannica inc n d Web 9 Jan 2018 Shmoop Editorial Team FDR s New Deal Summary Analysis Shmoop Shmoop University 11 Nov 2008 Web 9 Jan 2018

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