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What are the plausible reasons for such shift in the objectives of IIRC

In order to assure the capital investors that firm is achieving high profitability in not only short or medium term but also over the long run Firstly this answer will elaborate what are the plausible reasons for such shift in the objectives of IIRC in the light of evidence gathered from research Was this a smart step taken by IIRC or not followed by a reasoned conclusion The International Integrated Reporting Council formerly known as International Integrated Reporting Committee was established in August 2010 with the ambition of creating a globally accepted integrated system for accounting information reporting As the research paper by J Flower critically evaluates was formed with great missions and with hubris filled statements of accounting being the core component of the century Having the full support and existing members of IASB FASB IFAC and IOSCO Accounting experts from around the globe and brainstorming panel of the millennium The very first thing this body did was releasing a discussion paper which outlined the obvious integrated reporting is the future because it depicts how an organisation is being operated governed and its strategic approach compared with resulting performance Conventional form of reporting is flawed and needs a globally applicable framework which could overcome the barriers withstanding in the path of accounting sustainability 

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